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African Special Part 2

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Yes I know, I hear you.  “What?  Another fruit juice drink?  Is this all he buys?”.  No it isn’t, but I did buy this because it was in the African promotion along with the springbok steaks, so I might as well tell you all about it.  So, what we have is “African Spirit“.

African Spirit Juice Drink

African Spirit Juice Drink is produced by “Plein Sud”.  According to the internet, Plein Sud doesn’t even exist.  It’s merely a trademark owned by Lidl themselves.  It is actually French for “full south” whatever that means.  African spirit is an “Orange & mangosteen juice drink – fruit content 30%”.

I’ve heard of mango, but not mangosteen.  Between reading it on the carton and looking it up on Wikipedia, I had already conjured up the image of an African farmer grafting mango shoots on to another fruit tree in a thunderstorm and then crying out “Give my creation life!!!”.  However, the truth is slightly less ‘Mary Shelley’.  It is a fruit that is found in parts of Indonesia.  You can certainly say one thing for Lidl, you get an overdose of internationality in their products.

There is also a graphic of an manga-style lion accompanying the tagline ‘Refreshing & Cooling’.  Well I’ll be the judge of that.  In my head, Manga-Lion speaks with one of those weird dubbed voices you get in Japanese cartoons.   I don’t understand why, in the backdrop, there is a bushman of sorts with a spear observing a giraffe through some binoculars.  What graphic artist designed this carton?  Salvador Dali?

So I opened the carton, which as you can see from the picture above, looks like it’s been stood on, and poured myself a glass.  I’ll not bother with a picture of that, because it looked a lot like the Linessa Multivitamin Nectar I wrote about in April.

Manga-Lion was right, it is refreshing.  It was also cooling, but that was due to the laws of thermodynamics as opposed to any endothermic chemistry of the drink itself.  In layman’s terms, it had just come out of the fridge.

The first thing I got was the citrus kick of the orange.  Not too strong, but enough to notice.  It was then quickly joined with the taste of what I assume is the mangosteen.  Mangosteen (as grown by Dr. Mangosteen on the roof of a castle in a thunderstorm) tastes pretty much like passion fruit, complete with the subtle flowery flavours.

About 800ml of refreshment later, 800ml which went down my gullet with alarming rapidity, I concluded that it is a fine quality beverage.  99p for 1 litre does seem quite a lot, but then I’ve been spoilt by Lidl’s prices.  In any other regular supermarket, it’s a typical price for a similar product, or maybe even more given the unusual ingredients.

Shame it was a promotion or I would buy it again.  It may well still be stocked in some stores, but I’ve not seen it since in my local Lidl.  But, like the springbok steaks, it’s worth seeking out.

Taste – 8/10
Swiggability– 8/10
Value for Money – 7/10
International Jumbleness Factor – 8/10
Eccentricity of packaging artwork – 8/10

Total:  39/50


Written by just1bloke

20 October 2011 at 11:04 am

Posted in Beverages

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