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A quick update.

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Sorry I’ve not posted for a while, but I have a physics exam in a couple of weeks and I have been studying for that.  I might be able to squeeze in a short review between now and then though.

In other news, my local Netto has closed and has been replaced with Morrisons.  This is a pain as the nearest Netto now is awkward to get to.  Also, you may have noticed that I have yet to visit an Aldi store.  This is because it is just as awkward to get to, so I will have to stick with Lidl for now.  The other alternative is to start reviewing stuff from “Heron Frozen Foods”, though it isn’t a yellow-fronted Eurostore.  It is actually based in Hull with many stores across the North of England, and they do sell a lot of “what on Earth is this?” type brands.  That goes in it’s favour, but it isn’t one of the Eurostores I set out to write about.

Incidentally. the products that are available in these stores are not technically cheap nasty produce, in my opinion anyway.  I am fairly certain it is all the typical branded stuff that you’d buy in Germany, Sweden or wherever except it has been rebranded in English and shipped over here.

Also, I’ve just realised that I’m not mentioning the nutritional information of the stuff I’m reviewing.  This is important, after all, the product could be like manna from heaven itself and be dirt cheap, but it’s no good if it’s packed with sulphites and MSG.


Written by just1bloke

8 June 2011 at 1:59 pm

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