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“I don’t bother with breakfast” some people confess, “I’ll usually grab a snack later on”.

Why skip breakfast?  You’ve not had anything to eat since maybe your evening meal, and that was 12 hours ago.  Would you go 12 hours during the day without anything to eat?  No, you’d be clawing at the cupboards or kicking the fridge door in to find something, anything to fill your belly.  12 hours is a long time to go without food, and this is why I am a big advocate of breakfast, most important meal of the day, yada yada.  It bloody is too.  Forego it, and you’ll be pigging out on a packet of crisps or a Lion bar by your mid-morning break.

Personally, I will always go for cereal as it’s easy.  If for some reason we don’t have any, or insufficient milk, I’ll do a round of toast, most likely spread with Hollybush Butter.  Given my early childhood, it’s a wonder I like cereal.  I remember as a 5 year old, being given Weetabix, which was made up with hot water.  Thinking about it, it sounds revolting.  Weetabix with hot water, and a splash of sterilised milk.  For those who haven’t experienced sterilised milk, ask your grandparents.  At the time, I didn’t know any better, but it’s not nice.  Providing it isn’t opened, it lasts forever even without a fridge, it doesn’t so much have a shelf-life as a half-life.  The problem with Weetabix is that you have to wash the bowl as soon as possible.  If you leave it to dry, then you might as well bin it as it sets like grout, and nobody wants to have to use a Dremel when doing the washing up.

Anyway, that aside, I needed to stock up on cereal and as I was near Lidl, I thought it only right to see what they had on offer.  I chose Master Crumble Strawberry Crisp.  I can’t help but say Master Crumble in a Sam-From-Lord-of-the-Rings accent.

So what is strawberry crisp?  It explains that it is “Crisp Multigrain Cereal Clusters with Freeze Dried Strawberry Pieces.”.  It is 49% oat flakes (so essentially porridge oats) and 2% strawberry pieces.  One 50g serving with 125ml semi-skimmed milk gives you 247 calories.  No artificial colours, preservatives or flavourings and is high in fibre.  All the usual stuff.  Oh, and is suitable for vegetarians.  I’d be surprise if it wasn’t.

The most striking thing is the picture on the box.

Master Crumble and his Odd-ball Serving Suggeston.

That container containing the cereal is a glass vessel of sorts, most likely a large tumbler.  Who eats cereal out of a glass?  “What are you having for breakfast?” “I’m having a glass of cereal”.  Maybe it’s a German thing.  To the side of the picture is the all-encompassing phrase “Serving suggestion”.  However, I eschewed the tumbler of cereal idea and opted for the more tradition bowl.  In case you are wondering what the recommended serving looks like, this is it.

The recommended serving.

Pitiful isn’t it?  I bet you all pour out a lot more than that, I know I do.  So I got a spoon, sat down and tried it.  It was yummy, just as good as any other strawberry clusters cereal I’ve tried before.  The main difference, and what makes this particularly good, is that the strawberry pieces rehydrate themselves quickly.  In, say, the Asda version of this, or even the Jordan’s brand, the strawberry pieces stay dry and crispy to the end.  I shouldn’t need to leave my cereal to soak for 10 minutes before it becomes palatable.  Another good point is the size of the clusters.  I was expecting, not being a known brand, for the clusters to be tiny and fragmented with the lower half of the box being comprised of tiny gritty pieces and dust.  No, they were a good and consistent size.  I also bought a box of the Asda version for comparison.  The Asda clusters were 2 – 3 times larger, however as I dug deeper into the packet, they became very small, I’d go so far as to say pulverised by less than half way down into the box. I imagine the last quarter to resemble porridge oats.  The machine that makes them is either very inconsistent or the warehouse staff put each box into a paint shaker before packing them off.  The Asda clusters were quite bland too, whereas Master Crumble’s clusters were slightly sweet, but not so much as to ruin the taste.

They are certainly a good price.  £1.09 for 500g.  Compare this to the Tesco label which retails for £1.25 for 500g, Asda at £1.29 and Jordans at a whopping £2.19.

Taste – 7/10
Texture – 7/10
Creativity of serving suggestion – 8/10
Value For Money – 7/10
Rehydration quality – 8/10

Total:  37/50


Written by just1bloke

11 May 2011 at 12:06 pm

Posted in Cereal

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