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Supermarkets, well all genres of stores really, but primarily supermarkets have “Point of Sale” stuff near the tills.  Lidl and Netto are no exception, and when I was last in Lidl, I grabbed a packet of sweets and added it to my purchases.  “Fritt” supplemented by the ambiguous tagline “+Vitamin (e) C”.  Well which is it, e or C?  I’m assuming C as there are pictures of strawberries on the packet.

Fritt + Vitamin e or possibly C

Excuse the picture quality, I really ought to invest in a better camera.  Around the main logo, it tells me that it is ‘chewy candy‘.  It also informs the Romanians “bomboana de mestecat” (translates as gum candy), to the Spanish it’s “caramelo blando” (fudge) and to the Polish, and my favourite, it’s “cukierek rozpuszczalny” (candy soluble).  I think us Brits and the Romanians are best informed, telling the Spanish that it is fudge is a downright lie.  It seems the main selling point to the Polish is that it will dissolve.  Not like that insoluble candy that you can’t taste or indeed digest, a candy that will pass through your digestive tract like a plastic bead.

Manufactured by Ludwig Schokolade, based in the German town of Saarlouis not far from the French border, they are more accurately described as “6 fruit chewy candy strips”, I cannot begin to imagine how that is marketed to the Polish.

Even though the rest of the capitalist world is desperately tying their brand to the 2012 London Olympics, even McDonalds which is irony most blatant, Ludwig Schokolade is an official partner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 in Dusseldorf.  Given that this affiliation is advertised by means of an adhesive after-thought, rather than a redesign of their packaging, it just shows how committed a partner they are.  No expense spared here.  In fact, this partnership between soluble confectionary and the most watched music event in the world is clearly far more important than the fact that it is made with natural flavours and colours which is what the sticker obscures.

Opening the packet, I was greeted with this.

Fritt 6 chewy candy strips

This I was not expecting.  It’s a peculiar format, 5 small pieces partially connected in strips.  They certainly weren’t fudge, but were chewy and also soluble, which was handy.  They were pretty much strawberry flavoured Fruitella or maybe Maoams.  The texture was less chewy than they claimed, Opal Fruits/Starburst are chewier, but the flavour was good, and tasted of strawberries rather than just some chemical based strawberry suggestion that leaves a nasty aftertaste.

How do they compare to the competition?  I’m not sure what the competition is, but I think Maoam chews are the nearest even though they are a different shape.  Fritt chews are 45p for 70g. Maoam chews are 24p for 66g.

If fruit chews are what you want, then Maoam are the ones to go for, primarily on price, as there is little difference between the two brands in every other aspect.

Taste – 7/10
Texture – 6/10
Chewiness – 6/10
Value For Money – 4/10
Solubility – 8/10

Total:  31/50


Written by just1bloke

8 May 2011 at 9:19 pm

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  1. This was absolutely hilarious! 😀 I thoroughly enjoyed reading that.


    1 October 2011 at 1:28 pm

  2. i just went and got some its chewy and delicous.


    20 November 2011 at 11:50 pm

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