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Along with the Vitafit Juice, I also bought a carton of Linessa Light Multivitamin Nectar. 1.5L of the stuff.  This was in the more regular Tetra-Pak style carton with a screwtop lid.  I’d never heard of Linessa, and if you would’ve mentioned it to me before today, I would have assumed it was a port on the Black Sea.  But no, they make Multivitamin Nectar.  A ‘nectar’ is a fruit based drink which isn’t 100% juice and could be diluted or have additives.

Linessa Light Multivitamin Nectar

On the carton is depicted 9 different fruits.  The ingredients list 12, so for some reason they have chosen to not include grapefruit, mango and guava in the picture. It’s not all juices (from concentrates) as the apricot, banana, mango and guava are purees. It states it’s 55% fruit, and enriched with 10 vitamins, so it seems it’s ideal for the breakfast table.   A 200ml serving is but 46 calories.

You know how with juice cartons, there’s often a lid which then conceals a foil seal that must be punctured or ripped open?  With this product, the lid has teeth which cut the foil in one swift movement.  Very clever.  Except no, it doesn’t cut it right off otherwise it would fall in, but it leaves a flap of foil that acts like a heart valve.  When it came to pouring it out, it got in the way and the juice spurted into the glass like blood from a severed artery pulsing at a healthy 65bpm.

Once I poured a serving, the first thing that shocked me was the colour.  It was a very bright orange.   I suspect that’s the Provitamin A (beta carotene) giving it that colour.  It’s like ‘red diesel’.  Customs & Excise will know you’ve been drinking this because it’ll stain your bladder and kidneys bright orange and then you’ll get done for not paying fruit-juice tax.

So, tasting.  It’s quite thick.  Not thick like a smoothie, but closer to smoothie than juice.    Also, even though apple, orange and pineapple are the three main elements of the drink, I couldn’t really taste them.  The main flavours I got was the mango and guava followed by the banana and the passion fruit.  There was a citrus twang in the background  but it wasn’t very pronounced.

Because of its viscosity, it’s not a great thirst quencher, but as a carton of something to have on the breakfast table, it’s perfect.  And the carton, 1.5L for 79p is an absolute steal.  Compare this to a litre of Five Alive for £1.20.

Taste – 7/10
Swiggability– 6/10
Value for Money – 8/10
Accuracy of packaging – 5/10
Cardiovascular mimicry – 7/10

Total:  33/50


Written by just1bloke

15 April 2011 at 2:48 pm

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  1. Love this stuff. Surprised someone did a blog on it 😀 glad you did. I rather enjoy it as a thirst quencher due to having more body than standard juice. The flavour has to be one of the best for a multivit/multifruit juice


    18 March 2014 at 10:11 pm

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